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"Peyote Stitch" beadwork by Charisse Herder,
Big Mountain

Light and comfortable, intricately beaded necklaces and bracelets in an elegant and difficult to bead "Peyote stitch," by Charisse Herder, age 16, daughter of master weaver, handspinner, vegetal dyer, and churro sheep raiser, Lorraine Herder.

#1. Necklace: Warm grey with dark blue, green, yellow, gold, red, and centered lilac, necklace, 14 in. long. $34.
#2. Bracelet:
Lilac with red, orange, yellow, centered green and dark blue bracelet, 6 in. $24.
Warm grey with dark blue, green, light green, yellow, orange, red, centered lilac, necklace,16 in. $35.

Dark blue with red, orange, gold, yellow, light green, dark green, lilac, necklace, 15 in. $35. [SOLD]
#5. Bracelet:
Purple with light green and yellow, centered light green, yellow, gold, orange, red, bracelet, 6 in. $24.
Black with lilac, dark blue, green, yellow, gold, red, necklace, 14 in. $34.
#7. Bracelet:
Black with light green, gold, red, bracelet, 6 in. $24. [SOLD]
Red with light green, yellow, gold, dark blue, bracelet, 6 in. $24.

Beadwork by Anna J. Bahe, Big Mountain


Two are 3.25 in. long x 1 in wide $22
One is 3-5/8 in. long x 1 in. wide $22 (bottom, blue, white, and black) (mbm406d) $22
One is 4.5 in. long x 1 in wide $30 (top, with blue) (mbm406a)

The two center ones (lilac; black) are sold (mbm406b,c) SOLD

 Keychains MBM-95 & 96 (SOLD)
Ballpoint pen MBM-97 (SOLD); others may be commissioned.

 Barrettes MBM-93 & 94 (SOLD); others may be commissioned)
MBM-172. Beaded ballpoint pen (SOLD)

MBM-171. Beaded lighter.(SOLD)



More beaded jewelry:

Each barrette is 3.75 in. long x 2-3/8 in. wide, beaded on leather, with a flat (not French) clasp, 3-7/8 in. long.
$30 each.
Both are SOLD, but others may be commissioned. By Anna Jean Bahe.

Juniper, Canyon de Chelly.

Juniper Seed and Bead Necklaces by Betty Nez and family

Juniper trees grow throughout the high mesa country of the southwest and their roots go deep on Black Mesa. The Dine' use their needles and bark for wool dyes and medicines and collect the seeds to string with beads of all colors in lovely, lightweight necklaces and bracelets that feel good to wear and are meant for good luck. Currently, all are sold; none in stock.

17 BEADED HAIRTIES/BARRETTE PAIRS from Kim Nez, Betty Nez's daughter:

Buoyant, cheerful, and impeccably made, these pairs of inexpensive beaded hairties/barrettes with sturdy clips will brighten up any hairstyle. Each is 4.5 in. long (without the clips)--some with birds, one with "smiley faces," one with hearts, two with butterflies, and all ending in graceful silvertone feathers. $12/pair ($8 to maker; $4 to general fund). All scanned in directly, so please ignore the glare off the clips.


Beaded Earrings from Betty Nez
of Coal Mine Mesa --

Colorful, lightweight, and swinging, on sterling silver posts

#1 (dreamcatcher with feather earrings): $14

#2 and #4 (dreamcatcher with feather earrings): $14 [SOLD]

#3 [SOLD] and #5 (red, white, and blue seed beads): $12


Prices do not include postage or insurance.


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