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Jose' Orosco, an artist weaver of Austin, Texas, has donated these baskets for sale to benefit the Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land. The entire purchase price is tax deductible. Ahe'hee'--many thanks, Jose', for your generosity and kindness. You may also contact Jose' Orosco via email: <semcoatl@peoplepc.com>


Jose' wrote: "I'd like to be described as a modern basket weaver who through dream interpretation realizes his art."

"Dark steps basket" (MBM-172) held in the artist's hand. "...the baskets are made of yucca elata and devils claw or dyed yucca (the same materials used by the Anasazi)." [SOLD]

MBM-176. "Eating bowl," 5.25 in. diameter x 2.75 in. high, tightly coiled willow twigs, natural and dyed yucca. SOLD.


MBM-176. [SOLD]


Three miniature baskets woven of yucca and devils claw on a willow twig base:

MBM-172. "Dark steps bowl," 1.5 in. diameter x .75 in. high, $35 [SOLD]

MBM-173. Arrow or stepped cloud design, 1.5 in. diameter x 5/8 in. high, $35. [SOLD]

MBM-174. Step design, 1-5/8 in. diameter x .75 in. high, $35. [SOLD]

Basket bottom.
MBM-177. Soft bowl, 4 in. diameter x 2.25 in. high, natural and blue-dyed yucca on a hemp foundation. $45.

Inside view.Basket bottom.
MBM-175. 2.25 in. diameter x 1-3/8 in. high, natural and dyed yucca (black and red) on a willow twig base. $45.

MBM-178. Soft olla-shaped basket woven of natural yucca on a hemp foundation, 2.5 in. high x 1.5 in. diameter opening, $55.

Prices do not include shipping and insurance, which is usually by priority mail.

Baskets ©2001, Jose' Orosco. All rights reserved.

Write to: Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land, P.O. Box 543, Newton, MA 02456
or email to: carol@migrations.com to place an order, or for more information.
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