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Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land:

Lena Smith


Lena Smith, another of Glenna Begay's talented daughters, spinning wool at home. She has two sons, ages 16 and 7, and a daughter, age 12. At least two spinnings are needed to make a yarn for the weft; three or more for warp yarn.

Lena working on the weaving shown below.

Lena writes: "My name is Lena Smith. I am a traditional Dineh (Navajo) weaver from Black Mesa. My clan is Red River Running into the Water Clan and Born for Yucca Fruit Clan. My maternal clan is Manygoats and my paternal clan is Cover with Clover.

There are many stories about weaving in the Dineh tradition. The designs we use tell a story about who we are and where we came from. This is our story."


MBM-167. Lena Smith, vibrant and dramatic Klagetoh/Ganado design with pinyon border, 31 in. x 19.25 in., in all handspun and commercial wool, black, carded tan, carded grey-multi, deep red, dark brown center, SOLD.

MBM-83. This soft raised outline blanket is woven with the warp on the horizontal, rather than on the usual vertical, like a true blanket, 29 in. x 22 in. It evokes a feeling of rain falling on mesas, life-giving water in a dry land, in three shades of grey, red, natural, and white. The raised outline technique--made by passing the weft twice over the warp instead of once--was first developed in the Black Mesa region. SOLD.

#MBM-23. The finished large weaving--a wonderful elongated central diamond, an amazing intricate border, all in handspun and commercial wool, tight and brilliant, in red, tan, natural white, black, and shades of carded greys and browns, 51 in. x 38 in. SOLD.

Detail of #MBM-22 (below), showing true color.


#MBM-22. Brilliant and intricate, with two different border variations, handspun and commercial wool, in red, natural white, black, and carded tan-browns, 35.25 in. x 23 in. SOLD.


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