American Indian Pottery--continuing ancient traditions

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Anasazi potsherds.



Three Acoma pots. Left to right: Rose Chino Garcia, fine-line tall neck with polychrome deer, 6" high; fine-line bowl, 4-1/2" high x 5" diameter; pot with Kokopelli, cloud, butterfly, plant, and rain designs, 6-1/4" high x 5-3/4" opening (1995). (For an explanation of traditional Acoma pottery making, click on "Acoma," above.] NFS.

Another view of the three pots, and a Mimbres-style fish-motif design vase (on right), by Rose Chino Garcia, 5-1/4" x 4-3/4". NFS.

#P-1. Fine-line pot with encircling polychrome "heartline" deer by Rose Chino Garcia, Acoma, 13" high x 9" diameter. NFS.

#P-2. Twin-hole seed jar by Rose Chino Garcia, Acoma, "used for cornmeal or flowers," 7" high x 8-1/2" diameter. NFS.


Set of four Santo Domingo pottery vessels, ca. 1930. Left to right: #P-6, handled jar, 4-1/2 " high; #P-7, handled jug, 4-1/2 " high; leaf-shaped pot, #P-8, 3" high; #P-9, vase, 7-1/2" high. Also sold individually; inquire for prices. SALE: $490 for all 4 pots.


#P-15. San Juan Pueblo Potsuwi'i revival-style vase, 8" high, signed "Margarita A. Trujillo," ca. 1940-1950, red polished and matte buff, beige, and red incised bird motifs, good condition, some surface wear. $325. SALE: $210.

Traditional Dine' (Navajo) Pottery--
These are sold, but similar fine pots can be ordered (no two pots are ever alike).

#P-17 & #P-18. Navajo traditional pottery by Lucinda Slick. The Navajo have been making this style of red-brown pottery for several hundred years. It is hand-coiled and often encircled with a filleted rim band that is left unclosed--an opening or path (also seen in some bordered weavings and always in ceremonial baskets). The pottery is fired outdoors in an open pit, which imparts its unique coloration and characteristic "fire-clouds," and then sealed and made waterproof with pinyon pine resin. These two pots are 5" high x 4-1/4" diameter. SOLD.

#P-19, #P-20, #P-21. Three traditional Navajo pots by Lucinda Slick, 4" high x 3-1/4" diameter. Two have embossed and incised designs of corn ears on each side; the third has an embossed and incised design of a pinyon pine spray and needles. Hand-coiled and open-pit fired.

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