Special! Necklace & Earring Sets
by Bessie Henry, Dine' (Navajo) artist


The colors of Tse'y'i' (Canyon de Chelly, Navajo Nation, Arizona) are evoked in these exquisitely crafted necklaces by Bessie Henry, Dine' (Navajo) artist, who has a home in Tse'yi. She uses traditional Navajo concepts--combining stones, shells, and silver--in strikingly modern and beautifully strung necklaces with matching earrings. The bears on each necklace are traditional Navajo protective symbols, especially for journeys.

The necklaces are 26 inches in length and the earrings are 1-5/8" long, with sterling silver fittings for pierced ears. The necklaces hang gracefully on extra-strong and flexible nylon-coated wire. Each is uniqely designed with different combinations of Sleeping Beauty Arizona turquoise, silver, jasper, picture jasper, hematite, tiger eye, red tiger eye, penne shell, melon shell, and other gemstones.

I buy these directly from Bessie Henry. Special sale price for items on this page (#1-10) is $60 per set, plus shipping and insurance; #11 is $70, plus shipping and insurance (If sent by by priority mail insured, add $6.15 per purchase up to $100); depending on your geographic "zone," rates may vary and will be calculated exactly--no handling fees are ever charged.

You can order any of these designs and stone combinations.


#11. Bessie Henry recently made this necklace, commissioned as a special design variation of #1, with natural turquoise heishi beads instead of penne shell in the lower section, near the red jasper fan. You may also commission a similar design for $70.


#8. #9

This is a photo of Andreanna ("Drina") Lynn Henry, daughter of Bessie and Andrew Henry, taken for her graduation from Chinle High School, June 11, 2000. She is wearing a traditional Dine' biil (woven dress), ceremonial woven belt, and her best jewelry, and is sitting on the rim of Tse'yi (Canyon de Chelly); Spider Woman rock is behind her, in the distance.


#6 & 7

You can order any of these designs and stone combinations.

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