Andrew Henry standing in Tse'yi' (Canyon de Chelly) with Spider Woman Rock (on right) and Face Rock (silhouetted on left), near where he lives with his wife, Bessie Henry, and their children.


Andrew Henry holding one of his fine two-sided pendants. All jewelry is handmade, using natural stones and sterling silver.

AH-1. Lovely two-sided pendant of sterling silver. A cutout rug shadowbox design is set with a natural blue turquoise, and a gold-washed Kokopelli fluteplayer is carved on the reverse. The pendant is 1.75 in. in diameter, 2.5 in. including the silver loop. It hangs gracefully from11 strands of brown heishi, coral, and turquoise beads, with an adjustable sterling silver chain and cones. Overall length including pendant is 28 in. A very special and elegant necklace, to which the scan cannot do justice. Smaller sizes are available, beginning at $50 each (plus shipping & insurance). SOLD. (but another can be commissioned).

Both sides of AH-1, showing cutout shadowbox on left, and Kokopelli on right. [SOLD]


A photo of Andrew Henry and this Storyteller bracelet were featured in full color on the ins ide ftont cover of the April 2006 issue of ARIZONA HIGHWAYS magazine!

[Note: the cost of silver and gold has risen a lot recently, and we've had to raise the prices a bit (as of Dec. 13, 2007), on these special bracelets.]

AH-2. Andrew Henry storyteller bracelet, impeccably finished in sterling silver and 12KT gold-filled hogan and wagon. Beautifully made in substantial weight silver, it can be gently bent to fit any wrist. The one shown below is 3/4 in. wide [SOLD, but another can be ordered at $135.

12KT gold-filled hogan and wagon; cottonwood tree in center.. On the far left is Spider Rock and desert varnish; on the far right is White House Ruin.

Also available by special order in 1/2 in. wide ($100); 3/4 in. wide ($135), and 1 in. wide ($150) (plus shipping & insurance).

A drawing by the artist shows the images on the bracelet, a true story of traditional Dine' life in Tse'yi (Canyon de Chelly, Navajo Nation, Arizona):


Bessie Henry (on right) and Radmilla Cody, Dine' songwriter and singer, after a performance by Ms. Cody at the Thunderbird Lodge, Tse'yi' (Canyon de Chelly), June 2005.

You may order another similar set of anything shown here that has been sold.

Exquisite necklace of all-natural stones with sterling silver findings and sterling chain extender, commissioned to go with a bear pendant, but can also be worn alone. Seven strands of natural black jet interspersed with natural branch coral, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, lapis, and mother-of-pearl. Gracefully strung on 15-gauge flexible wire. $260.00. The person who commissioned this special necklace was very pleased.

Three "chubby" 1-1/2 in. sparkly bears with sterling silver wire findings drilled through, ready to be strung on chain or cord. From upper left: deep purple, classic goldstone, and dark blue-black. $35 each. [SOLD, but more can be ordered]

BH-20. Lovely and lightweght shell necklace and earring set with natural turquoise and heishi. SOLD. Another can be ordered for $65.


BH-11. Bessie Henry, Manassa turquoise stones and heishi, with sterling silver cones and findings. Necklace is 28 in. long; earrings are 1.75 in. long. [SOLD, but a similar set may be ordered for $70.]

BH-12. Bessie Henry. Earrings of garnet and heishi and necklace of four strands of garnet stones strung with dark penne shell heishi, sterling silver cones and findings, 28 in. long, earrings 2 in. long. [SOLD, but a similar set may be ordered for $70.]


BH-13. Bessie Henry. Two-strand all natural stone "treasure necklace," with aventurine turtle, shell bird, tiger jasper bear, and heishi, with sterling silver findings, 27 in. long. $ [SOLD, but a similar necklace may be ordered for $60.]

BH-14. Bessie Henry. Off-centered aventurine bear, three strands of aventurine stones, and grey oyster shell heishi, sterling silver cones, 27 in. long, [SOLD, but a similar necklace may be ordered for $60.]

BH-15. Bessie Henry. Three-strand off-centered goldstone bear, goldstones, and shell heishi, with goldstone bear earrings, sterling silver cones, 27 in. long; earrings 1/2 in. x 1/2 in., {SOLD, but a similar set may be ordered for $60.]

BH-16. Three-strand necklace of natural amber bears and stones with Arizona turquoise, heishi, and sterling silver cones, 27 in. long, [SOLD, but another similar one may be ordered for $70.]

BH-17. Bessie Henry. Three-strand nicely shaped Manassa turquoise and dark penne shell heishi necklace, sterling silver cones, 27 in. long, $80. [SOLD, but a similar necklace one may be ordered.]

BH-18. Bessie Henry. Redshell necklace and earrings with Arizona turquoise and dark heishi, sterling silver cones, 28 in. long, earrings 2 in. long, SOLD (but you can order another for $60).

BH-19. Bessie Henry. Three-strand off-centered tiger eye bear with tiger eye stones, voluta heishi, and sterling silver cones. 28 in. long. SOLD, but a similar necklace may be ordered for $65.

Within the U.S., these items by Bessie Henry are usually shipped by priority mail insured, which costs $7.15 additional. International shipping is also available and varies by destination.


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