Hopi, Zuni, Dine' (Navajo) and NW Coast Canadian Indian Jewelry: New & Vintage


J-5. Superbly made Hopi sterling silver overlay pin/pendant, signed, from the Hopi Arts & Crafts Center, 1995, cloud above mesa motif, 1 in. diameter. SOLD

Dine' (Navajo)

J-6. Vintage fleur-de-lis sandcast naja with old-style hands design to which has been soldered a natural turquoise set in silver braid, which may have once been an old ring. Naja is 2.5 in. wide; stone is 1-1/8 in. long x 5/8 in. wide. Naja is removable--hung on nicely wire strung handmade "pinyon" and machine-made sterling beads, almost 27 in. long. This is a dramatic and very interesting older piece, and comfortable to wear. SOLD.

Next to it is J-7, a vintage natural turquoise pendent with deep green-brown turquoise, 1-5/8 in. long, with braided silver and nice stamp and wirework set in deep silver bezel. Signed "W S" and stamped with a four-cornered sun symbol. $52.

Five pairs of vintage earrings (Zuni, Dine', and Chinese turquoise):

(1) Old Zuni clip-on natural turquoise channel inlaid earrings with sterling silver, 3/4 in. long: [SOLD]

Old Zuni pettipoint natural turquoise earrings with old-style four-petal sterling silver squash blossoms, sterling screw-on findings easily changed to pierced if desired, 1 in. long (without findings): [SOLD]

Old Zuni delicate little natural turquoise screwback flower earrings, 1/2 in. long: [SOLD]

Vintage Dine' (Navajo) nicely stamped round sterling silver clip-on earrings, 1-1/4 in. diameter: $32

NOT AMERICAN INDIAN: Vintage Victorian-style or 1920s (?) natural Chinese turquoise 3-bead earrings with gold-washed filigree screwbacks and gold-tone or gold-washed beads, 2-3/8 in. long: $32


J-13. Old Hopi overlay pendant with finely incised background and fine pure blue turquoise stone, bird in flight motif, unsigned, 1.25 in. long, including loop, 1/2 in. wide. $55.

J-14. Anthony Upshaw, Navajo-Zuni artist, handcarved this extraordinary 54-piece fetish necklace, 35 inches long, around 1990, beautifully strung with oyster shell heishi and sterling silver findings. Flying birds, owl, frogs, fish, ducks, tadpole, snake, buffalo, bear, wolf, badger, buffalo--just about every animal carved in fetish necklaces is here, in almost every stone used for fetish carving along with two elegant leaping white dolphins, and superbly carved spondylus shells. This old-style necklace, which evokes the quality and character of ancient fetish carving, will be a joy to wear and to explore... $425.00


Classic Zuni

J-12. Elegant and sophisticated Zuni matching coral and sterling silver ring and bracelet by Lucy Shekya. Bracelet has nice braid on the side bands, and a 1-1/8 in. opening, and is slightly flexible for adjustment. The coral is an especially rich and deep red, $68 for the set.

Northwest Coast Indian

J-9. Dated 1976: Signed in script "G. Cross / 76" this sheet gold orca pendant is characteristically unmarked but tested as 14K and is 2-1/8 in. from dorsal fin to end of tail. SOLD.

J-10. Dated 1975:
Handsome beaver image in the form of a classic Northwest Coast "copper" signed "Thomas Adams" in all capital letters and an ornate "TA 75" (1975), 3 in. long x 2-3/8 in. at its widest, curved hammered and incised sheet silver with convex eyes. [SOLD]

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