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American Indian and Amazon Baskets--Old and New

#B-1. Navajo wedding basket, ca. 1970. 14" diameter, $225.

#B-2. Ceremonial basket, herringbone rim, Paiute-made for the Navajo, ca. 1890-1900, 12" diameter, fine patina, fading, some stitch loss. SOLD

#B-4. left: Pima or Tohono O'Odham (Papago) basket with flared base, 9" high x 10-1/2" diameter, some stitch loss, $275. SOLD

#B-5, right: Pima or Tohono O'Odham (Papago), small basket bowl, 2-1/2" diameter x 2-3/4" high, pictorial, fine condition, $110. SOLD

B-7A. Koasati (Coushatta), Louisiana, pine needle & raffia or grass bowl basket, good patina, 9" wide x 4" high, fine condition. $145. SALE: $115. SOLD

#B-9. Northwest Coast Quinault pictorial lidded cedar bark basket, probably woven by Mattie Howeattle, from Taholah, on the Quinault Reservation, located on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. 7" high x 10-1/2" wide, with two whaleboats, seabird, and whale, knitted wool collar on basket, some exterior fading, otherwise very good condition. Not for sale--see page on SEA MAMMALS.

#B-13. Probably New York State "melon" or "buttocks" basket, oak splint, 11" wide x 8" high, some splint damage one end, fine patina, $125.
SALE: $75.

#B-14. Left: Two-color ash splint buttocks/melon basket, 8-1/2" wide x 9" long, fine condition, $125. SALE: $65.
Right: Another view of #B-13.

#B-16. Northeast (MicMac?) ca. 1900 sewing basket, inverted base, old-style shape, with three interior pockets and old Asian basket inside (as shown). Some damage to connection with base, otherwise good condition. $145. SALE: $115. SOLD.

#B-18. Group of 9 contemporary Amazon Indian baskets woven with geometric designs, natural, tan, and black cane, 9"-10" diameter, $25 each. These are sold, but other very similar ones can be ordered.

There is another group of 5 baskets now available
: round, 10 inches in diameter, natural and dark brown-black cane, $25 each. The patterns are similar to the round baskets shown here. There are two baskets currently in stock, but more are available and can be odered.

#B-19. Northeast sweetgrass and ash splint basket, lined with blue satin, ca. turn of the century, fine condition, 9" long x 4" wide. SOLD

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