#B-21. One of a set of three baskets signed with the initials "AL" woven in, Alaskan Eskimo woven natural and dyed grasses, fine condition, ca. 1960-1970. This one is oval and lined with extendable black stroud felt cloth with a grass drawstring. Height without cloth extended is 4 in. high x 5 in. long x 4 in. wide. Fine condition, SOLD.


#B-25. Old Eskimo grass-coiled basket, 14 in. long x 8 in. wide x 7 in. high, natural and red and black dyed geometric motif. This basket has some stitch loss but is in good condition for its age and is a large and dramatic piece. SOLD

Making Baskets
In the basket start
when the awl first splits the reed
and the basketmaker's fingers
turn the knot,
it comes from the child's start--
first steps, fingers clutching a rock,
taking a grass blade in,
finding its edge among grasses
and their tall flowers sun lit.

These are tiny stitches
binding finer patterns
out of larger ones--
histories in martynia and maidenhair,
willow and redbud,
Landscapes of beads.
This patience, made waiting
for the small hands of children.

(©1997 Carol Snyder Halberstadt)


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