Dine' weavers have often incorporated U.S. symbols and imagery in their weavings and other arts--the U.S. flag, eagles, the seal of the U.S.--all have appeared as pictorial motifs of honor. Since September 11, 2001, the flag has appeared regularly. Folk artists working in wood have also made delightful patriotic turkeys and chickens, of which I have several. Together with the "USA" weaving by Black Mesa weaver Louise Singer, I am proud to offer this well-woven flag.


W01-101. Wenora Joe, from Shiprock, NM area, fine U.S. flag weaving, 33 in. x 17.5 in. $400.

W20-146. The "Tree of Life" theme is a fine example of the Dine' transformation of a motif as ancient as the origins of civilization in Mesopotamia, central to the biblical story of Genesis, and seen in the U.S. in 18th-century embroidered and painted folk art. Among the Dine', the "Tree of Life" has become a cornstalk topped by sacred corn pollen and flanked by paired birds.

Here is a very direct and somewhat unusual presentation of this theme by a weaver from the Four Corners area, who has woven a central white cornstalk on a multicolored beige/tan background, flanked by five pairs of facing birds and with a single bird, its wings outspread, perched atop the cornstalk, 26 in. x 15.5 in. $200.

... and old

#W-9. Dine' (Navajo) transitional, Ganado/Klagetoh, 50" x 66", ca. 1890-1910, dark brown, red, white, grey, tan, good condition, tight weave, minor dye run and staining. See Marion Rodee, Weaving of the Southwest. $1,800. SALE: $1,200.

#W-10. Dine' wearing blanket, diamond stripe pattern, 68" x 57", ca. 1880-1890. Soft, handspun churro and aniline-dyed wool, red, natural, blue, grey. Aniline blue fading; good condition, small area of wool wear near center. Professionally cleaned and one corner edge cord repaired. For a similar blanket, see Charles Amsden, Navaho Weaving, pl. 69. $2,700.

#W-11. Dine' rug, ca. 1920, 62" x 53", natural handspun multicolor churro wool, in tones of tans, rust, sienna, gray, and dark brown. Tight, strong weave, fine condition (one small repair area at edge). $1,200.

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