Here are images of some items that have been sold. Other similar ones may be available. Please inquire.

#B-8. Makah (Northwest Coast) lidded trinket or sewing basket, late 19th-early 20th c., 3" high x 5" diameter, removable silk padded lining in lid and basket (as shown), some fading, fine condition, $365. SOLD.

P-10. Wedding jar by Craig White Eagle, Navajo, 1993. Craig White Eagle was a first-prize winner at a Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, Navajo Nation (Arizona). 6" high. $220. SOLD.

#P-16. Zia polychrome olla, 7" high x 9-1/2" wide, ca. 1920-1930, good condition, minor surface wear. $375. SOLD

#O-2 & #O-3. Two Zuni turtle fetishes, Picasso marble, both inlaid with turquoise stones for eyes and on shell. Left: by Alex Poncho, 1-7/8" long x 1-1/2" wide.
Right: 1-1/8" long x 3/4" wide, $22. They make a nice "mother-child" unit, $48 for both. SOLD.

#O-7 #O-8, #O-9. Three sandpaintings on pressed wood, 1978, Navajo Yei-be-chai figures, each slightly different. Each inscribed on reverse in pencil, "Yei-be-chai. This is a Navajo religious ceremonial sandpainting design. This sandpainting is made out of natural color sandstones." Signed & dated, '78, Wilford Notsinneh, Shiprock, NM. 13" high x 7-1/8" x wide. Fine condition. $125 each, all three for $325. SOLD

#O-10. Drawing of "Four Corners (Ut., Colo., Az., N.M.)," signed "E. Benally Arts, '91." Ink on heavy paper, unframed, 23" x 17," fine condition. $75. SOLD

#W-2. Navajo rug, 76" x 45", ca. 1910-1920. Possibly early Ganado, with stylized birds and arrows. Fine, tight weave, good condition, handspun natural and aniline-dyed wool. Tan, white, black, natural. $2,700. SOLD

#W-3. Navajo rug. 56" x 37", ca. 1910-1920, pictorial weaving with cornstalks and arrows, possibly early Crystal, fine, tight weave, good condition. Handspun wool, black, white, grey, tan. $650. SOLD

#B-12. MicMac birchbark & quill basket, "Rangeley, Me" on lid, 3" high x 4-1/4" diameter, minor quill loss, good condition. $115. SOLD.

#B-15. Seneca ash splint potato-stamped basket, late 19th century, 14-1/2" long x 11-1/2" wide x 6" high, lovely patina, one side and corner cracked. If perfect would be around $400. Price: $145. SOLD.

#B-17. Northeast "wastebasket," sweetgrass and ash splint, good condition, ca. early 20th c., 12" high x 11" diameter, $125. SOLD

#B-3. Tohono O'Odham (Papago) bowl basket, ca. 1970s, 13" diameter x 5-1/4" deep. $110. SOLD.

SOLD. #J-2 & #J-3. Two old Zuni pins. Left: Petit-point green turquoise & silver, 21 stones, 1-1/2" diam. $75. Right: Bar pin, 3 green stones, 1-3/4" long, $65.

SOLD.#J-4 & #J-5. Two figural pins from a Zuni manta, 2-3/4" long, adapted to be worn as either pins or pendants. $365 each.

SOLD #J-6 & #J-7. Two old Zuni bracelets, multistone green turquoise & silver, stamp work at end of one bracelet, $125 each.

#J-11, #J-12 & #J-13. Navajo, left to right:
#J-11: Turtle pin, old pawn, 2-1/2" long x1-1/2" wide, 6 oval blue turquoise stones & silver, $210. SOLD
#J-12: Dragonfly pin/pendant, old pawn, 2-1/4" long x 1-1/2" wide, one oval green turquoise stone & silver, $140. SOLD
#J-13: Dragonfly pin/pendant, old pawn, 2-1/2" long x 2" wide, two turquoise blue-green stones & silver, $180. SOLD

SOLD #J-14. Navajo bracelet, contemporary, with three butterflies, stamped silver & wire, 3-1/2" long x3-1/4" wide, $265.

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